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It has been a few days since last my last update. There is a good reason for that… I have had next to nothing going on. Well that is not entirely true. Sunday was a good and somewhat busy day. I got up that morning and went and watched Larry Crowne. The film had received bad reviews but I love Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts and it was a romantic comedy so I thought what could possibly go wrong. Well turns out when the film is co-written by the same woman who wrote I hate Valentine’s Day quite a bit. The movie wasn’t horrible but considering the cast it should have been better.

That evening I went to a 3rd of July party at the home of some of my roommate’s family. I had a great time. I swam, got to visit some, got my butt kicked at basketball and saw some fireworks. Also apparently I just missed a marriage proposal. Not entirely sure how that happened.

The last couple of days I have not gotten up to much. I am kind of at a stand still with my new job until we get everyone on the same page and get the tools we need to start the program. That should hopefully be remedied tomorrow when I meet with the head of IT and somebody from accounting to discuss some of the details. I am hoping to really get the ball rolling Monday.

On the financial front I am doing a pretty good job this week of staying on top of things. One thing that is bothering me is that the Quicken software that I am using seems to be slow to update from my bank account. I mean even when I update it and some of the transactions show at the bank they are not showing up on Quicken. It means I am having a 4-5 day delay from making a purchase to it showing up on the Quicken software. I have thought about manually inputting my purchases and then deleting them whenever Quicken updates but that is a lot of work. We shall see how to proceed on that.

I am looking forward to this weekend. I am having a bachelor weekend. You see my best friend is getting married next Saturday so this weekend we are going to Stillwater to hang out. I have booked a hotel room for the weekend and I am sure we will spend some time on the strip there. It will be nice to hang out with him and one of my other friends who I am very close to. I am sure we will have a great time and I am so ready for it. I hope everyone out there in the blogosphere s having a good week.



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My big plan for tonight is to go grocery shopping whenever the temperature drops below 100 degrees. It is looking like it could be nine or ten before that happens at the rate we are going. I realize that is not exciting but I am OK with that. I am in bad need of groceries. I tend to make bad decisions when I don’t have food around the apartment. I eat out and it is not always good choices from a nutritional or financial standpoint.

Speaking of financial matters those three of you who read this blog may remember from a previous post that I had set three goals for myself. I have now achieved 2 of those 3. I have joined a dating site, E-Harmony, and while I have not had the nerve to actually communicate with one of the women I have been matched up with yet I know I will get there. The second goal I have achieved was  I have created a budget. Well sorta. I bought Quicken and have input all my bills and by using it I really feel like I will hold myself more accountable on financial matters. Especially after seeing how much I spend versus how much I made last month.

Keeping track of my money is going to become even more important for me now in my new position at work. I found out Friday that I would not be receiving a raise to take on my new job. I was very displeased with the news. The amount of work I am going to have to do to make the delivery program I am running work is massive and it bothers me that I am not going to be better compensated. I would really like to start saving money beyond what is going into my 401k and by better budgeting my money I should be able to do that.

Tomorrow evening I am going to go to a July 3rd party at the home of some of my roommates family. It should be fun…other than the heat. I may camp out in the pool. Before going to that I may try to make it to the movies. I like to go in the morning because it is cheaper and it is usually not that busy. I feel slightly less awkward going to the movies by myself if there aren’t many people there. I am looking at seeing either Larry Crowne or the Tree of Life. Totally different movies I realize. Larry Crowne has not received very good reviews but it has Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts and I have a ridiculous soft spot for romantic comedies so even if it is only so-so I will probably love it. Tree of Life has been described as a philosophical movie about the meaning of life or the meaning of nothing depending upon who you ask. It is a movie that challenges its audience and I love that. I will have to decide in the morning if I want fluff or substance and go from there.

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I feel like there are things I should do today but I would rather enjoy being home as this Lazy Saturday passes by.

The pantry shelves are empty, the grocery store is calling but I sit here wasting time as this Lazy Saturday passes by.

The week was long and trying, I’m just trying to get by, this heat is certainly not helping as this Lazy Saturday passes by.

I could go running but time just seems to be flying by, I think I will enjoy the moment as this Lazy Saturday passes by.

My mood is weird today, I don’t know whats possessed me to write such bad poetry as this Lazy Saturday passes by.

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